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Mineral profile, proximate and amino acid composition of three dates varieties (Phoenix Dactylifera L.)

Author(s): A. Uba, M. I. Abdullahi, A. J. Yusuf, Z.Y.Y. Ibrahim, M. Lawal, Nasir I. and F. T. Abdullahi

Proximate, mineral and amino acid composition of three varieties of date fruits (Dagalla, Dan-Mali and Fari) were investigated. The parameters evaluated were moisture content; ash content; crude protein; crude lipid; crude fibre; carbohydrate; mineral ions and amino acids. The results obtained showed that, moisture content was generally low (1.3- 4.6%), ash contents were within the range of 3.0- 3.3%. The values for crude protein and fibre for Dagalla were 1.53±0.03%; 2.00±0.50%; Dan-Mali 1.34±0.05% and 2.83±0.95% and Fari 1.53±0.03% and 2.17±0.44%. The crude lipid value in Dagalla (1.00±0.00%) was twice the amount for Dan-Mali and Fari; signifying higher fat content in Dagalla dates. All the three dates varieties have high carbohydrate content (90.64±0.6%, 90.47±0.5% and 89.99±1.0%) for Fari, Dagalla and Dan-Mali respectively. The calorific value for all the three dates was around 377.51-386.51kcal/100g. The potassium (K+) content was high in all the three varieties (Fari 360mg/100g; Dan-Mali 310 mg/100g and Dagalla 265mg/100g) suggesting that these dates contributes substantially to the dietry intake of potassium. Na+ concentration was 6.13mg/100g on average in all the samples. Ca2+ and Mg2+ showed moderate concentrations (1.32-1.25mg/100g) for all the samples. Twelve amino acids were detected. Aspartic acid, proline and alanine were present at high concentration in all the three dates fruits. This work revealed that the dates fruits can be considered as efficient sources of carbohydrate, mineral nutrients, quality amino acids and can play a major role in human nutrition and health.