Mixed Mesomorphism-I: Determination of Latent Transition Temperatures (LTTs) | Abstract

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Mixed Mesomorphism-I: Determination of Latent Transition Temperatures (LTTs)

Author(s): H. R. Prajapati * and A.V. Doshi

Several binary systems have been studied by number of researchers consisting of one, none or both components as mesogenic; with a view to (I) understand the effect of structure on induction of smectic or/and nematic mesophase by mixing two components. (II) for its technological applications in which room temperature liquid crystals or wider temperature range liquid crystals are to be used. Eight binary systems consisting of none of the mesogenic component (A), n-alkyl-p- (p'-n-butoxy benzoyloxy) benzoate (Methyl & Ethyl) as common component and other Schiff's bases (B) are studied. Interesting results are obtained as, (1) Smectic or/and nematic mesophase are induced enantiotropically and monotropically. (2) Smectic and nematic mesophase are induced for binary system comprising monotropic nematic component (B). (3) Polarity of terminal groups, aromaticity and polarizability of component (A&B) play an important role in enhancing the liquid crystallinity. Latent transition temperatures of components consisting of binary system for smectic or/and nematic mesophases are determined, by extrapolation method. Results are agreed with each other and previous work with variation of 10º C-15º C. Transition temperatures were carefully observed through hot stage polarizing microscope.


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