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Modeling and Analysis of NOx and O3 in a Street Canyon

Author(s): Merah Aissa, Noureddine Abdelkader

This study numerically investigates reactive pollutants (NO, NO2 and O3) flow and dispersion in a 3D street canyon in time and space, by using a CFD (computational fluid dynamics) code (ANSYS-CFX). An area source (sub-domains) for medium emissions of NOx was considered in the presence of background O3 concentration, with an ambient wind perpendicular to the along-canyon direction. Spatial and temporal variation of pollutants within the canyon was calculated to be significant. It was found that NO and NO2 concentrations were higher at the upwind buildings (at lower levels near the street bottom) than near the downwind buildings, the largest concentrations of O3 were observed towards the canyons’ windward wall as O3-rich air is brought into the canyon.