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Modeling and optimization of the synthesis of oxygenated apatite by hydrolysis of dicalcium phosphate dihydrate (DCPD) using the Box- Behnken Design

Author(s): A. Lamhamdi, K. Azzaouia, E. Mejdoubia, B. Hammoutic, L.L. ELansaria, M. Jabria, M. Berrabaha and B. ELbali

A Box-Behnken design was successfully applied to studying and optimizing preparation of oxygenated phosphocalcic apatite. At first, we have discussed the effects of three main process factors of preparation such as pH, temperature and duration of the reaction.Then, we have studied their interactions in order to increase the rate of oxygen insertion in the apatite channel. The quadratic model which is derived from the Taylor-Mac Lorain equation has contributed to optimizing the quantity of oxygeninserted. So, using graphical methodology based on isorespose curves, we have successfully introduced 4.5 % in weight of oxygen in the apatite channel