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New antipyrine derivatives as corrosion inhibitors for C-steel in 1.0M hydrochloric acid solutions

Author(s): A. S. Fouda*, G. Y. Elewady, R.R. Ibrahim and E. A. Salim

Adsorption and inhibition efficiency effect of anti pyrine derivatives on the C-steel in 1.0M HCl were estimated using three electrochemical techniques (electrochemical i mpedance spectroscopy (EIS), electrochemical freque ncy modulation (EFM) and Potentiostatic polarization).I nhibition efficiency of the inhibitors rose with ra ising the concentration of the derivatives as well as increas ed also with rising the temperature. Polarization c urves revealed that these compounds are chemical type inhibitors. The adsorption of these compounds follows Langmuir adsorption isotherm. Some thermodynamic parameters of activation and adsorption processes were alsoest imated and discussed.