Newly developed 4-HABT-AgI-ZnO nanophotocatalytic functional material for wastewater treatment | Abstract

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Newly developed 4-HABT-AgI-ZnO nanophotocatalytic functional material for wastewater treatment

Author(s): Rahangdale P. K., Dhote P. R. and Dongapure A. C.

Initially, 4-hydroxyacetophenone–biuret–trioxane (4-HABT) terpolymer was successfully synthesized, purified and characterized in the laboratory. A nanophotocatalyst, AgI-ZnO, was prepared using precipitation followed by hydrolysis method. Then, it was anchored on 4-HABT terpolymer using molecular adsorption–deposition method. The AgI-ZnO nanoparticles, deposited on the 4-HABT terpolymeric molecules, formed a coating of about 90 nm in thickness. This newly modified functional nanophotocatalytic material was characterized by means of infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy studies. This new 4-HABT-AgI-ZnO nanophotocatalyst exhibited an excellent photocatalytic activity in the photodegradation of quite concentrated aqueous solutions of dyes. The dye molecules in bulk solution was supposed to be condensed better around AgI-ZnO particles because of the adsorption phenomenon on 4-HABT terpolymer molecules, and, therefore, the photocatalytic process was enhanced due to the combined effect of adsorption by 4-HABT terpolymer macromolecules and photocatalytic activity on AgI-ZnO. It was observed that the decolorization of contaminated water occurred within a short-time interval. Thus, it can be concluded that the functional nanophotocatalytic material, reported in this research paper, can be successfully used for water and wastewater treatments.


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