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Nutrition Intervention by Functional Foods and Dietary Regimen for Management of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Author(s): Sahar Y. Al-Okbi, S. I. Shalaby, Doha A. Mohamed, Thanaa E. Hamed and Ahmed M.S. Hussein

The aim of the present study is evaluation of dietary advice with or without functional foods in form of bakery products in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) patients. Twenty four hours dietary recall and anthropometric measurements were assessed for volunteers at the start and the end of the study. Different plasma biochemical parameters reflecting NAFLD and metabolic syndrome were determined in normal and NAFLD patients; in the start of the study and after two months of dietary intervention. Proximate composition, dietary fibers and total phenolic content of the two functional foods were assessed. Results revealed that functional food II contained higher protein and fat percentage, while functional food I contained higher levels of carbohydrate and dietary fibers. Patients understudy were obese and hyper-caloric in the start of the work. After two months of intervention by functional foods with dietary advice; body mass index was reduced significantly while dietary advice produced only insignificant improvement; also all patients reduced their caloric intake significantly. In the start of the study; plasma transaminases (AST, ALT) and alkaline phosphatase activities, malondialdehyde, oxidized-low density lipoprotein, high sensitive-C-reactive protein, plasma glucose, insulin and insulin resistance, creatinine and urea were significantly higher in NAFLD patients than normal. Dyslipidemia was noticed in NAFLD patients. All biochemical parameters of patients consumed functional food I or II with dietary advice were improved significantly except for AST and plasma glucose. Consumption of functional foods with dietary advice was superior in management of NAFLD and related biochemical changes than dietary advice alone.


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