Omega 3-fatty acids-for health and treatment | Abstract

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Omega 3-fatty acids-for health and treatment

Author(s): *K. R. Waghmare, P. N. Dhabale, V. B. Mane and M. Nagar

Body needs omega-3 fatty acids, but they are not produced in the body. In order to maintain maximum health and experience the benefits of omega-3, we need to include omega-3 in our diet. The purpose of omega-3 is to allow the proper amount of nutrients to enter our cells and remove any waste products from the cells. Including a lot of omega-3 can do the following things: Reduce inflammation; Lower the amount of lipids in the bloodstream; Improve the body's ability to respond to insulin; Help prevent blood clots; Maintain the fluidity of cell membranes; Help relax and dilate the arteries.

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