Paper Mill Effluent Degrading Streptomyces sp. S1 from Marine Sediments | Abstract

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Paper Mill Effluent Degrading Streptomyces sp. S1 from Marine Sediments

Author(s): Sathya R, Ushadevi T

Paper mills are foremost sources of industrial pollution worldwide. Paper industries generate great quantities of waste water, waste gases and solid waste. There has been considerable problem to the environment. In this study, evaluate the effluent odor (smell) removal and inorganic chemical degradation using marine Streptomyces. Totally 55 different kinds of marine Streptomyces isolates were obtained from mangrove soil. The selective potent Streptomyces sp. S1 showed better reaction for effluent degradation. The degradation capacities of Streptomyces sp. S1 were estimated on both sterilized and unsterilized samples under different time intervals (30 and 90 days). Streptomyces sp. S1 was provided good result for inorganic chemical degradation. The degradation of effluent odor both sterilized and an unsterilized sample was exhibited greater result. The results were studied at the combined effect of Streptomyces beside with natural microbial population enclosing unsterilized effluent and Streptomyces alone sterilized system were exhibited similar mode of degradation activity. Thus, there is great possibility for marine Streptomyces research in future is suggested based upon the deliberation of above issues.


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