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Parametric Evaluation of the Adsorption of Malachite Green and Congo Red on Chitin Flakes

Author(s): Gautham B. Jegadeesan, Madhumita B. and Gunarani G.

The sorption of synthetic dyes, Congo Red (CR) and Malachite Green (MG) on a low-cost biopolymer, chitin flakes, was investigated in kinetic and equilibrium studies. Factors affecting adsorption such as pH, contact time, adsorbent dose, dye concentration and temperature was studies in batch process. Maximum dye adsorption on chitin occurred within a contact time of 18 hours, adsorbent dose of 5.0 g/L, solution pH of 7.0 for an initial dye concentration of 150 mg/L. Experimental data revealed stronger adsorption of congo red on chitin flakes, compared to malachite green. Congo red sorption on chitin flakes was largely independent of pH, while malachite green sorption was significantly affected by pH. The kinetic data was fitted to pseudo first order, second order and Weber-Morris intra-particle diffusion model. The process of dye removal followed pseudo first-order kinetics for MG and pseudo first order for CR. The adsorption capacities, calculated using Langmuir isotherm, was56.8 mg/g for congo red and 42.1 mg/g for malachite green.


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