Der Pharma Chemica
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Pharmacognostic and Qualitative Evaluation of the Root of the Plant Jasminum multiflorum Andr.

Author(s): Sandip Kumar Pahari, Subhasis Ghosh, Subhodip Saha, Bijan Kumar Gupta, Suprodip Mondal

Natural products sometimes have therapeutic benefit as traditional medicines for treating diseases. Traditional medicine being non-toxic, have minimal side effects and easily available at affordable price, so much of the world’s population rely on it to meet daily health requirements especially within developing countries. The root of Jasminum multiflorum (Andr.) was evaluated for different studies such as microscopic, macroscopic evaluation. The root was also evaluated for different ash values and extractive values. Qualitative evaluation of same part of the plant was also carried out using different solvents according to polarity of the solvents. It was observed that the water soluble ash value remains greater than sulphated ash and it was found that in case of extractive value water soluble extractive value was greater than ethanol soluble extractive value. The qualitative evaluation indicates the presence of cardiac glycoside, steroid, flavonoids and saponins. The plant was used to serve for traditional purposes like indolent ulcer, pitta, inflammation, rheumatism and cobra venom etc., by different trivals but the root is much more potent as per folklore claim. So, current pharmacognostic and other preliminary studies were done to attract the researcher to ascertain pharmacological and phytochemical investigation.


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