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Photocatalytic Degradation of Yellow-GCN dye using C-N-codoped TiO2 Thin Film in Degradation Reactor Using Visible-Light Irradiation

Author(s): Safni Safni, Diana Vanda Weillia, Puti Sri Komala, Reza Audina Putri and Deliza

Yellow-GCN (C28H14N2O2S2)textile dye was susessfully degradated by photolysis process undersolar and visible light irradiation using C-N-codoped TiO2thin film photocatalyst.Yellow-GCN [120 mg/L]was irradiated by using 2 visible lamps (philips LED 7 watts 600 lumen and 14 watts 1400 lumen)and solar intensityaround 25.000 luxwith concentration and time variation. Degradation efficiency was measured byspectrophotometer UV-Vis (λ=300-800 nm). The optimum C-N-codoped TiO2thin film used under solar irradiation was 5 coatings. From both diffrent light sources can be concluded that degradation under solar irradiation was better than visible light irradiation due to its degradation percentage during 120 minutes was 30,25%.


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