Photodegradation of toxic synthetic food coloring: The Tartrazine | Abstract

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Photodegradation of toxic synthetic food coloring: The Tartrazine

Author(s): I. Ouezzani, A. El Hourch and M. El Azzouzi

Tartrazine is the most consumed food coloring in the Moroccan market, its elimination by photodegradation was investigated under UV light 25watt and 220 volts. The process was carried out at a different pH, the catalyst dose TiO2 (rutile and anatase), the concentration of the dye, the effect of H202 and the effect of metal ions Al3 + and Cu2 +. It was found that under the effect of H202 in%, the color of the dye solution became colorless after 80 min with a loss of 99% of .the molecule observed phenomenon is described by a pseudo-first order kinetics . In order to determine the quality of waste water, a measurement of the chemical oxygen demand was performed both before and after treatment and a significant reduction of values was observed, implying good potential for this technique to suppress tartrazine aqueous solutions.


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