Photovoltaic performance and influence of electrolyte on nano-titania based solar cells | Abstract

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Photovoltaic performance and influence of electrolyte on nano-titania based solar cells

Author(s): Raman Kumar Saini † , Devender Singh † , Shri Bhagwan, Sonika, Ishwar Singh and Pratap Singh Kadyan*

The photovoltaic performance nano-titania based dye sensitized solar cells studied with different redo x electrolytes containing inorganic (KI-I 2 ) and organic quaternary ammonium iodide salts i.e. (CH 3 ) 4 NI-I 2 , (CH 3 CH 2 ) 4 NI-I 2 and (CH 3 CH 2 CH 2 ) 4 NI-I 2 . Fabrications of solar devices were made using pat ent blue V dye on fluorine-doped tin oxide fused silica substrate. Titania (TiO 2 ) nanoparticles layer was applied as photo anode el ectrode and graphite layer was used as counter electrode. The electronic absor ption spectra of dye was studied which showed peaks at 222 nm and 311 nm due to the π→π * transitions of the aromatic rings of dye and peak s at 405 and 576 nm involved due to n →π * transition of different aromatic rings available in dye molecule. The optical band gap of dyes was f ound 1.75 eV. Maximum V oc (0.412 V) was found with (CH 3 CH 2 ) 4 NI-I 2 redox electrolyte. However maximum J sc (0.219 mA/cm 2 ) was also obtained with maximum efficiency (0.476) w ith (CH 3 CH 2 CH 2 ) 4 NI-I 2 redox electrolyte. Through the photovoltaic analysis the patent blue V dye was fou nd suitable sensitizer for the fabrication of solar cell devices.


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