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Physicochemical parameters and statistical analysis of groundwater of some places of northwest agro-climatic zone of Gujarat state of India

Author(s): Kiran V. Mehta

Groundwater is a natural resource for drinking water. Like other natural resources, it should be assessed regularly and people should be made aware of the quality of drinking water. For the present study, various samples of groundwater were collected from the different locations of northwest agro-climatic zone of Gujarat state of India and analysed for their physicochemical parameters like temperature, turbidity, electrical conductance (E.C.), pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), alkalinity and concentrations of ions like chloride, fluoride, calcium, magnesium, nitrate and nitrite. Its quality was compared with drinking water specifications IS : 10500, 1991(reaffirmed in 1993). To analyse with statistical point of view, correlation co-efficients (r), mean and standard deviations were also calculated for these parameters.