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Physico-chemical properties of Perilla frutescens seeds

Author(s): Archana Joshi, Ashutosh Sharma,D. P. Pandey and R. K. Bachheti

Seeds and their oil are used by people in different parts of the world by ancient time. Perilla frutescens belonging to the Lamiaceae family, is an edible plant who’s seeds are used in some Asia countries as well as all over the world. seed oil of Perilla frutescens was extracted using soxhlet apparatus. The yield of seed oil is (40.1%). Physicochemical properties of extracted perilla seed oil were also determined. Protein content of seed is (18.12%), Carbohydrate content (18.91%), acid value of oil is 1.59.The iodine value of the oil is 136.3. Saponification value of Perilla frutescens oil is 185.3. The oil was analysed for its chemical composition by Gas chromatograph mass spectroscopy (GCMS), The fatty acids in seed oil were identified as Palmitic acid 12.76%, Stearic acid 2.62 %, Oleic acid 0.16%, Linoleic acid 15.40 % , α-linolenic acid 66.58 %, Arachidic acid 0.18 %, Hexadecanoic acid, 14- methyl- methyl ester 0.22%, 2,6-Heptadien-1-ol, 2,4-dimethyl 0.13 %, Lilial 0.15 %. Linoleic acid (omega 6) and α- linolenic acid (omega 3) are essential fatty acids.The high content of α-linolenic acid Linoleic acid suggests that Perilla frutescens seed oil can be excellent source of essential fatty acid.