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Phytochemical analysis and in vitro antioxidant activity of extracts of Entandophragma angolense (Welw.) C.DC. (Meliaceae) a medicinal plant used in the treatment of obstetric fistula in Ivory Coast

Author(s): S. M. Lagou, M. Lébri, M. Tilaoui, H. Achibat, W. M. Koné, H. F. Tra Bi, H. Ait Mousse, H. Ouchetto, A. Hafid, A. Zyad and M. Khouili

The study focused on extracts of Entandrophragma angolense a plant of Meliaceae family used for Ivorian traditional healers to treat obstetric fistula. The investigation was carried to evaluate antioxidant activity of different concentrations of extracts (aqueous, ethanol, ethyl acetate and hexane) of E. Angolense bark. DPPH radical scavenging assay were carried to determine antioxidant activity of extracts. All extracts exhibited marked antioxidant activity by scavenging DPPH free radical in a concentration dependent manner. It was recorded increasing IC50 values of (60 to 5 μg/ml). Ethanol extract showed an IC50 (5 μg/mL) close to vitamin C (4.5 μg/ml). Preliminary phytochemical analysis of extracts shows the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids (flavones, flavonol), tannins, coumarins, sterol, triterpenoids and saponins. Our results suggest that extracts of E. angolense bark contains several chemical groups and exhibit strong antioxidant DPPH radical scavenging activity.


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