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Phytochemical and GC-MS analysis of bioactive compounds present in the Adiantum incisum forsk

Author(s): T. Sengottuvel, N. Kannappan and T. Sivakkumar

To isolate and analyse the phytochemical constituen ts of Adiantum incisum forks using GC-MS . The present study was carried out for the preliminary phytochemical a nalysis of the ethanolic extract of Adiantum incisu m forks. GC- MS analysis was performed on the ethanolic extract of Adiantum incisum forks to find out the bioactive compounds. Phytochemical screening revealed the presence of a lkaloids, carbohydrates, phenols, flavonoids, sapon ins where present .In the GC-MS analysis 26 no of compounds were identified viz.,17-Pentatriacontene - (26.44%) , Neophytadiene -(10.68%), Hexadecanoic acid –(10.07 %), 2-Hexadecen-1-ol,3,7,11,15-tetramethyl-(6.08%), 2-[3- Carbethoxypropionamide]-3,4-dicarbethoxy-1-benzylox ymethyl pyrrole (5.62%) etc. The presence of variou s bioactive compounds confirms the application of Adi antum incisum for various diseases by traditional u se. However, isolation of individual phytochemical cons tituents may proceed to find a novel compound.


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