Pre Formulation and Formulation Studies on Cisplatin Nanoparticles Encompass Natural Polymer | Abstract

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Pre Formulation and Formulation Studies on Cisplatin Nanoparticles Encompass Natural Polymer

Author(s): J. Bhavani* and S. Ravichandran

Our aim of this research work is to develop a cisplatin nanoparticles encompass natural polymer to facilitate the release of cisplatin in a more continued manner to progress therapeutic efficacy via the decrease of its toxicity. Pre formulation and formulation studies have been limited to studying the various physical characters of cisplatin nanoparticles encompass natural using a zeta nanosizer. The gumghatti polymer was designated in this study because of the high poly-cationic and biodegradable characters. Cisplatin nanoparticles encompass natural was prepared using the nanoprecipation technique and characterized using the Malvern zetasizer nano zs instrument, UK to find out the polydispersity index (pdi), zeta potential and particle size determination. The ideal nanoparticles were exhibiting +45.4 mV, 595.3 z.dnm and 0.6 pdi. The study concluded that cisplatin nanoparticles encompass natural can be formulated at an optimum concentration of 40 µg/ml of cisplatin entrapped in 2 mg/ml of aqueous solution of gumghatti in the presence of formaldehyde (0.1% v/v) as cross linker and identification of physical characterization of nanoparticles was established as a preliminary step in pre formulation and formulation studies to target cancer cells.


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