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Preparation and characterization of iron oxide modified diatomite system

Author(s): Rezig W and Hadjel M

Diatomite is a rock formed primarily by frustules accumulation in diatoms called “ kieselgühr ” obtained from the Sig deposit located in the westward of Algeria. The diatomite, which will be modified by ferric oxide “the deposit of ferrihydrite on raw diatomite by FeCl2.4.H2O ”.The iron oxide -modified diatomite system was made through surface modification treatments including NaOH treatment an iron oxide deposition on raw the NaOH treatment to increase the surface area of diatomite,surface SiO2 of diatomite was partially dissolved in the NaOH solution, .This product of this procedure was named DMF1. Comparison of XRD results proves that raw diatomite has an irregular structure but it becomes more regular at ferrihydrite modified to obtain ferric oxides differents phases from cristallinities are: ferrihydrite , maghemite, magnetite, akaganeite, hematite, goethite, and schwertmannite.The surface area of raw diatomite DB, and DMF1 were calculated as 307.8, and 231 m2g-1 respectively .The point of zero charge ( pHPZC) which were as : 5.9 for DB, and 6 for DMF1.


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