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Priliminary anticonvulsant profile of some novel hydantoin derivatives on wistar rat

Author(s): Mahjabin, Sandip Sen, Sachin Malik, N. A. Farooqui, T. S. Easwari

The Hydantoin derivatives are considered as important chemical entities for anticonvulsant activity. In the present work some newly synthesized hydantoin derivatives, 3-(substituted phenyl)-5, 5 diphenyl imidazolid ine-2,4-dione (4a-4j) was obtained by reaction between substituted diphenyl urea (3a-3j) and benzil. The synthesized compounds were characterized by physical and spectral analysis. The anticonvulsant activity of the synthesized compounds was performed by MES model on wistar rat. The dose was fixed at 30mg/kg body weight (i. p). Out of all the synthesized compounds 4a , 4b and 4j were more potent.