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Quantum Chemical Studies on Conformations of Indoles

Author(s): K.P.Srivastava, Vikash K. Singh

All the possible tautomeric equilibria and conformers of 1-, 2- & 1, 2- substituted indoles in aqueous solution were studied by semi-empirical methods. All possible tautomeric equilibria and conformers of the indoles were considered to determine the most stable forms. The AM1/COSMO & PM3/COSMO calculations indicate that the compound 2-hydroxymethylindole prefers anti-anti & anti-anti forms, 2-formylindole anti-, ethyl indole-2-carboxylate syn-syn, indole-2-carboxylic acid syn-syn, indole-2-carbohydrazide syn-syn, 2-formyl-1-methylindole syn forms respectively over other tautomeric forms by different percentages.