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Removal of copper ions from electroplating waste water by weakly basic chelating anion exchange resins: Dowex 50 X 4, Dowex 50 X 2 and Dowex M-4195

Author(s): R. S. Dave, G. B. Dave and V. P. Mishra

The removal of copper from plating waste water by weakly basic chelating anion exchange resins, such as Dowex 50 x 4, Dowex 50 x 2 and Dowex M-4195, is investigated. Effect of initial metal ion concentration, resin dose and pH on exchange capacities of ion exchange resins was studied in a batch method. The adsorption process, which is pH dependent, shows maximum removal of copper in the pH range 4-6 for an initial copper concentration of 5-30 mg L-1 and with resin dose 25-700 mg L-1. The experimental data have been analyzed by using the Freundlich and langmuire isotherm equation. The isotherm constants for all these isotherm models have been calculated. The uptake of copper by the ion exchange resins was reversible and thus has good potential for the removal / recovery of copper from plating waste effluent contains copper in the form of chelating anion. Ion exchange resins, such as Dowex 50 x 4 , Dowex 50 x 2 and Dowex M-4195 can be used for the efficient removal of copper from Plating wastewater.


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