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Removal of phenol during ultrafiltration of Palm oil mill effluent (POME): Effect of pH, ionic strength, pressure and temperature

Author(s): Muhammad Said, Akil Ahmad and Abdul Wahab Mohammad

In this work, the effect of pH, ionic strength, pressure and temperature on phenol removal from POME using an ultrafiltration (UF) membrane were studied. Characterization of PES membrane and PES saturated with phenol were done on the basis of FT-IR and SEM analysis. The optimum pH for phenol removal was found to be 3.15 up to 88% with ionic strength 0.1M using NaCl. The addition of ionic strength increase the binding effect among particle and hydrophobicity character of particles, leading an accumulation of phenol on the surface and finally lead to the formation of a thick cake layer therefore significant phenol removal were achieved. Maximum phenol removal was achieved at pressure 2 bar and temperature 50 °C up to 97.8 and 99.8%, respectively. The overall results showed that the PES membrane managed to remove significantly phenol content from raw POME solution