Removal of some pesticides from water using new synthesized apatitic materials | Abstract

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Removal of some pesticides from water using new synthesized apatitic materials

Author(s): N. El Hrech, R. Bchitou and A. Bouhaouss

In order to minimize the negative impact of pesticides on the ecosystem, the search of host solid matrix that can trap micro pollutants (heavy metals, pesticides…) is necessary. In this sense, we have synthesized the carbonated phosphocalcics poorly crystallized apatites, analogous to biomaterials (teeth, bones), and which served as an adsorbent for pesticides. The objective of this work is therefore based on the retention of the two pesticides, dicofol and trifluralin, by the apatitic materials cited above. Adsorption of these pesticides in selected apatites was investigated under butch experiments. The concentration of adsorbed pesticides was followed using scintillation counting method. The adsorption isotherms were found to better, described by the linear Freundlish equation. The retention mechanism of these two pesticides by apatitic materials was monitored via infrared spectroscopy.


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