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Reuse of Immobilized Candida cylindracea Lipase in Sugar Ester Synthesis and Influence of Different Solvents in Lipase Activity

Author(s): Nacer Rezgui, Fatma Loulou, Nadia Bouzaouit, Chahra Bidjou-Haiour

Candida cylindracea lipase was immobilized onto celite and used for the first time as an efficient biocatalyst for sugar ester synthesis. In the present work we examined the catalytic behavior and the reusability of the immobilized lipase for glucose laurate synthesis in organic media. The effect of the use of solvents with different polarity (Butanol, diethyl ether, methanol and hexane) to wash the immobilized lipase before the enzyme reuse was evaluated. The biocatalyst was incubated at 25°C in these four solvents. The washing with Butanol allowed the highest catalytic activity (94%) after one cycle of the biocatalyst reuse. The obtained results suggest that immobilized C. cylindracea lipase prepared from the free enzyme by adsorption on a solid support can become a powerful biocatalyst for sugar ester synthesis with the same performances than those currently available.

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