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Review on Chemistry, Biological Activity and Biosynthesis of Naturally Occurring Compounds of Cadalene Type Sesquiterpenoids from Malvaceae

Author(s): Mopur Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy

The Malvales is one of the widely distributed worldwide by about 230 genera and 2,700 species. The economic use of Malvaceous plants is as a source of many biologically active principles like caffeine, theobromine, vanillin, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, corchorin, capsularin, tiliacin, kolatin, quercimeritrin, isoquercitrin, choline, gossypol, lacinilene C, heliocides, mansonones, etc. Cadalene has the cadinane skeleton and is present in essential oils and in many plants. It is used as a biomarker in paleobotanic studies. In this review, we report brief information on the chemistry, biological activity and biosynthesis of naturally occurring compounds derived from cadalene of the Malvales is made.