Role of Speed and Time of Centrifugation in Death of Trichomonas galina Trophozoites | Abstract

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Role of Speed and Time of Centrifugation in Death of Trichomonas galina Trophozoites

Author(s): Ebrahim Badparva, Hossein Mahmoudvand and Sajad Padparva

Trichomonas galina is a protozoan parasite that lives in digestive system of birds in form of trophozoite. Regarding the urgent need of most of the diagnostic methods for applied centrifugal devices, we were prompted to examine, for the first time, this parasite's tolerance against variables of speed (RPM: revolution per minute) and time and, meanwhile, take into account the subtlety of the techniques by increasing the sensitivity of the methods. At first, 0.5ml (approximately 5×105 parasites) of the culture medium (growth medium) was added to each of the two series of 14-piece microtubes containing 1.5ml of reinforced RPMI 1640 culture medium. Then, after mixing, except microtube (1) kept as the standard, the first series was centrifuged at speed of 1 to13000 rpm and the second series was centrifuged for 1 to 13 minutes; next, both series, after 24 hours of incubation, were counted and calculated, compared to the standard. T. galina well tolerated up to the speed of 6000rpm, then it tolerated up to 9000rpm with a significant gradual decline; however, it was completely vanished at speed of 10000rpm and above. While, the second series well tolerated up to the ninth minute of the centrifugation but, from then onward, it demonstrated a gradual declination of tolerance. Only 40% of the parasites survived until the last minute of the centrifugation time, i.e. the thirteenth minute. It was found that the threshold tolerance of centrifugation speed for these parasites is 10000rpm and the effect of increasing the centrifugation speed on the parasite’s death is much more than that of increasing the centrifugation time. Although, the result of this study is specific to T. galina and cannot be generalized due to specific biological characteristics of each parasite, it can be a starting point for future investigations on the details of methods so that, as long as the device settings are concerned, references should be carefully cited.


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