Sanitary control of fishery products | Abstract

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Sanitary control of fishery products

Author(s): Dib Amira Leila, Elgroud Rachid, Benazzouz Hamdani, Laouar Hanane, Djelal Nehed, Lakhdara Nedjoua, Kabouia Rachid, Espigares Rodriguez Elena, Moreno Rold├â┬â├ć┬ĺ├â┬é├é┬án Elena

The fish as a protein food has a high risk of contamination that affects the health of the consumer. Therefore, the need to find the best conditions for a safe use of the product is required. The aim of this study was mainly to assess the quality of the fish sold in different fish markets in the region of Constantine, Algeria. Eighteen samples (n=18) were taken from the top, the middle and the bottom of wooden cases in two fishmonger shop (Nouvelle ville and Khroub) three times per week. The samples were evaluated by two different methods: objective (measurement of pH) and subjective (QIM, European dimension). Significant difference (P<0,05) was observed in the samples taken from the bottom of the wooden cases of the fishmonger’s shop located in Khroub. This result could be explained by the poor conditions of hygiene, the non respect of the cooling temperature of storage as well as the use of wooden instead of plastic boxes. It is therefore necessary to establish a rigorous cold chain from cold rooms to store sales, to follow good hygiene practices (plastic crates) in order to get a good nutritional quality product.

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