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Screening of Phyto- molecules against Brugia malayi asparaginyl tRNA synthetase - An in silico approach towards anti filarial leads

Author(s): Muthusamy Kaliraj, Arumugam Suresh, Raj Bhaskaran, Muthiyah Muthuswamy and Jerrine Joseph

Lymphatic Filariasis is one of the most neglected tropical diseases caused by Brugia malayi. The existing classical drugs act mostly on the larval stages of the parasite. The target Asparaginyl tRNA synthetase is an excellent molecular target due to its pivotal role in protein synthesis. Literature based evidence provided clue to explore the phyto-molecules as potential anti-filarial leads, which led to the scope for this computational study. The computational parameters such as docking score, drug likeliness prediction, intermolecular hydrogen bond interaction and the identical amino acids prove that plant derived molecules could serve as better anti filarial agents than the synthetic compounds. The phyto-molecules, Kaempferol and Luteolin have provided promising results. The outcomes prove that they can be explored further in invitro and invivo studies to validate their claim as potential anti filarial agents.