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Simultaneous estimation of atorvastatin calcium and aspirin in pure and capsule dosage form by using U.V. spectrophotometric method

Author(s): P. Y. Pawar, Ankita R. Bhagat., Sonu R. Lokhande. and Amruta A. Bankar

To develop simple spectrophotometric method development for simultaneous estimation of Atorvastatin calcium (ATR) and Aspirin (ASP) in pure and combined capsule dosage form. The method employed simultaneous equation method (method-1) and Q-absorbance ratio method (method-2) using 242 nm and 222 nm as absorbance maxima (λmax) for ATR and ASP respectively and 232 nm as isoabsorbtive point. Methanol was used as a solvent. Linearity was observed in concentration range of 5-40 μg/ml for ATR and 5-30 μg/ml for ASP respectively. The method was validated statistically and recovery study was performed to confirm the accuracy of the method.