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Studies on Acoustic Parameters of Some Substituted Isoxazolines and Pyrazolines in 70% Dioxane-Water Mixture and Effect on Seed Germination

Author(s): UP Meshram, BG Khobragade, ML Narwade and VB Khobragade

Ultrasonic velocities and densities of 3-(2-hydroxyl-4-methyl phenyl)-5-phenyl isoxazoline (L1) and 1-phenyl-3-(2-hydroxyl-3-nitro-4-methyl phenyl)-5-phenyl pyrazoline (L2) at different concentrations in dioxane. Different acoustic properties like partial molal volume, adiabatic compressibility, apparent molal compressibility, intermolecular free length, specific acoustic impedance and relative association etc., have been determined. These parameters obtained have been interpreted in terms of solute-solute interactions. Effect of L1 & L2 ligand and its complexes on germination of seeds.


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