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Studies on Effect of Carbon Sources on Amylase Obtained From Isolated Strains of Different Soil

Author(s): K. Kulathuran Pillai, *S. Vimal Kumar, Mohamed Halith, S. Jayaprakash, A. J. M. Christina, Abirami

In the presence study an attempt has been made by isolate α-amylase producing strain from different soil sources and mass culturing for production of large amount of biomass. The soil samples were collected from different locations. The collected soil samples were aseptically transferred into the starch agar plates. Amylase production was confirmed by flooding the plates with grams iodine solutions. The bacterial amylase production has been enhanced by transferring nutrient broth bacterial culture into the amylase production media containing various carbon sources such as starch, sucrose, lactose and maltose in different concentration. Amongst all carbon sources maximum activities has been shown in maltose 0.2 % and 0.1 % shown enzyme activity 1368 IU and 1272 IU. The maximum was also shown by sucrose 0.1 % of 1488 IU.