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Studies on some propylenediamine-bis(isatin) Schiff base complexes of tellurium(IV)

Author(s): Gobind Goyat, Anju Malik, Sapana Garg and Krishan K. Verma

Some new tellurium(IV) complexes of propylenediamine-bis(Isatin) Schiff base with TeCl4, RTeCl3 and R2TeCl2; where R = p-methoxy-, p-hydroxy- and 3-methyl-4-hydroxyphenyl, have been synthesized and characterized via elemental analyses, conductance measurement, infrared and proton magnetic resonance spectral studies. The data suggest 1:1 (tellurium: ligand) stoichiometry of all the complexes where the Schiff base behaves as a neutral ONNO quadridentate ligand. Some of these complexes have also been observed to possess antifungal and antitubercular activity.