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Sulfonated Cellulose, Competent Catalyst for Synthesizing Polyhydroquinolinesin Presence of Dicationic Ionic Liquid (C4[mim]22[Br-])

Author(s): Giribala Madhvrao Bondle, Sandeep TukaramAtkore

The four-component Hantzsch condensation reaction of dimedone, ethyl acetoacetate, ammonium acetate and various aromatic aldehyde in presence of sulfonated cellulose as a green and highly efficient catalyst in dicationic ionic liquid (C4[mim]2[Br-])to affords polyhydroquinoline derivatives in good to excellent yields. This reaction has been carried out in presence of (0.16 g) of sulfonated cellulose and 2-3 ml of dicationic ionic liquid at room temperature. The described novel synthesis method proposes several advantages of short reaction times, high yields, mild condition, high melting point, simplicity and easy workup compared to the traditional method of synthesis.