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Synthesis and anticancer evaluation of novel tetrahydronaphthalen-6- ylthiazole heterocycles against human HePG2 and MCF7 cell lines

Author(s): El-Sayed A. Soliman, Magdy I. El-Zahar, Afaf H. El-Masry, Mohsen Kamel and Rasha S. Gohar

A new series of tetrahydronaphthalen-6-ylthiazole derivatives incorporated into/or fused to different five or six membered nitrogen and sulphur containing heterocycles including pyrazoles, triazolothiazoles, thiazolidinones, pyrimidinethione ,thiazolotriazine and/or sulphonamides was synthesized starting from the new 4-(1,2,3.4-tetrahydronaphthalen-6-yl)-2 – hydrazinothiazole (2) and/ or the 2-chlorothiazole derivative 18 as synthons. The anticancer activity of eleven of these compounds was evaluated against two human cell lines of liver cancer (HePG2) and breast cancer (MCF7). The compounds tested in most of cases were selective towards the both types of cancer where the most potent compounds showed IC50 = 0.40 – 0.45 ug/mL