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Synthesis and anti-convulsant activity of triazothiole/thiazolyl thiazolidinone derivatives of indole

Author(s): Rohini R M and Manjunath M

The pharmacological interesting activities of indole and of triazole and thiazolidinones promoted us to synthesis indole ucleus fused with sulphur and nitrogen conataining hetrocyles and to eluavate a their anticonvulsant activities. New heterocyclic derivatives of Indole were synthesized initially from the bromination of 3-acetyl indole, which was further treated with semicarbazones / thiosemicarbazones to obtain the titled derivatives. The synthesized compounds were identified by spectral data and were tested for their anti-convulsant activities by PTZ induced convulsions in mice at 10mg/kg.IR absorption at 3350 cm-1 (N-H), aromatic C-H stretching at 3147.61 cm-1 and C-C stretching at 1531.37 cm-1 were observed, confirming the indole nucleus, the chemical shift seen in 1HNMR at δ 7.01 to 7.54 and at δ 169 of 13C NMR confirmed the presence of oxo group and protons of the heteroaromatic nucleus. Compounds 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d, 6a, 6b, 6c were found to have moderate to significant anti convulsant activity.


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