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Synthesis and biological activity of N1-substituted-3-aminoalkoxy indoles as potential 5-HT6 receptor ligands

Author(s): Ramakrishna V. S. Nirogi1, Anand V. Daulatabad1, 2, Anil K. Shinde1*, K. R. Sastry1 and P. K. Dubey2

A novel series of N1-substituted-3-aminoalkoxy indoles was designed and synthesized as potential 5-HT6 receptor ligands and tested for human 5-HT6 receptor binding affinities. All the tested compounds showed moderate to high binding affinities towards 5-HT6 receptor. The most potent compound 6j (h5-HT6 receptor Ki being 10.2 nM) was selected for further studies.