Synthesis and Biological Study of Hetero (Atoms and Cycles) Compounds | Abstract

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Synthesis and Biological Study of Hetero (Atoms and Cycles) Compounds

Author(s): Nagham Mahmood Aljamali

Our study is concerned with synthesis of (five , sixandseven ) –membered cycles which were prepared from reaction between di ketone compounds like( di phenyl propyl-1,3-di ketone) with ethyl methyl ketone to produce alkene compound containing di ketone groups, which reacts with di amine compounds through closure and cyclization reactions to give various cyclic compounds containing di nitrogen atoms in same cycle like diazepine as seven membered ring and diazine as six membered ring and other various cycles. The structure of compounds [1-10] have been characterized by melting points, TLC and spectral analysis (FT.IR , H.NMR, C.H.N ,13C.NMR -Spectra ) , then study of antimicrobial activity.


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