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Synthesis and Equilibrium Investigation of the Interaction of Model Antitumour Palladium(Ii)Complex with Biorelevant Ligands

Author(s): Haneen H AL-Gedany*, Azza A Shoukry and Saedah R Al Mhayawi

For the purpose of finding additional metal based anticancer medications with lower toxicity and higher affectivity, Pd(byp)Cl2 complex, where byp is 2,2-bipyridine, was characterized and synthesized. The formed stable and Stoichiometric constants between different bimolecular targets (ligands) that have diverse functional groups and accessible in vivo such as, amino acids, amides, DNA unit constituents and [Pd(byp)(H2O)2]2+ were examined at constant ionic strength of 0.1 and at 25ºC. The diverse classes' concentrations were evaluated utilizing distribution diagrams. Moreover, the [Pd(byp)(H2O)2]2+ complexes with different chosen ligands were formed and characterized.