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Synthesis and evaluation of antitubercular activity of some thiobenzimidazolyl derivatives

Author(s): Sandeep Kr.Gupta* and Shyam S. Pancholi

We have synthesized some thiobenzimidazole derivatives, a series of alkyl sulphonyl benzimidazole was prepared by oxidation of substituted sulphanyl benzimidazole, also a set of benzimidazoles bearing indole-2, 3-dione substituents was synthesized. Intermediate benzimidazolyl-2-mercaptoacetic acid hydrazide was condensed with 5(un)substituted indole- 2,3-dione to give different benzimidazolyl-5-(un)substituted-2-oxoindoline-3-ylidine acetohydrazide.All the compounds were analyzed by IR and 1H NMR and Mass spectra. Antitubercular activity was evaluated for synthesized compounds; most of them reported good antitubercular activity against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.