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Synthesis and Evaluation of New Diclofenac Acid having 2-Azetidinone

Author(s): Yahya S Yaseen, Muthanna S Farhan, Sabah J Salih

New series of 2-azetidinone (I-IV) were synthesized, the structure of these new derivatives were confirmed using spectral methods starting from diclofenac sodium. We prepared diclofenac acid by using hydrochloric acid, then converted to amide ester by using thionyl chloride, then converted to hydrazide by using hydrazine hydrate 99.5%, then a Schiff bases were synthesized using different aromatic aldehydes in ethanol, and the final compounds were obtained by cyclocondensation using chloroacetylchloride. The synthesis of the designed compounds has been successfully achieved. Purity and characterization were confirmed by determination of physical properties (melting points & Rf values), Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) spectroscopy and C, H, N analysis.