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Synthesis and evaluation of some novel S-triazine based chalcones and their derivatives

Author(s): Anjani Solankee, Rajanikant Patel and Kirti Patel

Some new chalcones, 2-4 bis (tetrahydro- 1,4-oxazine)-6-[4'-{3''-(substituted phenyl) -2''- propenon-1''-yl} phenyl amino]-s-triazine (6a-f) have been achieved by the reaction between 2- 4-bis- tetrahydro- 1,4-oxazine -6-(4'-acetylphenylamino)-s-triazine (5) and different aromatic, which on cyclisation with hydrazine hydrate in presence of acetic acid give acetyl pyrazolines (7a-f). Chalcones (6a-f) on cyclisation with guanidine hydrochloride in presence of alkali give aminopyrimidines (8a-f). The characterization of newly synthesised compounds has been done on the basis of IR, 1H NMR spectral data as well as elemental analysis.