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Synthesis and semiconducting behaviour of amberlite XAD-4 functionalized with melamine

Author(s): Abhishek M. Thakre, Vinay V. Hiwase and Ashok B. Kalambe

Commercial amberlite XAD-4 resin was functionalized with melamine moiety through -SO2 spacer and abbreviated as AXAD-SO2-MLN. Resulting intermediate products were characterized by FTIR method and functionalized resin was characterized by elemental analysis and FTIR. Electrical conducting behavior of resin found to be in the range 0.0115×10-6 to 0.0389× 10-6 mho cm-1 for temperature range 305-593 K. The activation energy (Ea) of conduction was evaluated by Wilson’s law and found to be 1.774 kJ mol-1. The resin was found to exhibit semiconducting behavior.