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Synthesis and Study of a Novel Homologous Series of Mesogens with Ethylene link: α-3-[4’-n-Alkoxy Cinnamoyloxy ] phenyl-β-3”-nitro benzoyl ethylenes

Author(s): Chaudhari R.P., Doshi A.V.

Novel homologous series α-3-(4’-n-Alkoxy Cinnamoyloxy) phenyl-β-3”-nitro benzoyl ethylenes consisted of eleven homologues. Methyloxy to butyloxy homologues do not show any mesomorphic behavior, while; the rest of the homologues show mesomorphic behavior. Pentyloxy to tetradecyloxy homologues exhibit smectogenic and nematogenic characteristic, while hexadecyl homologue exhibit only nematogenic characteristics. Transition temperatures of homologues as observed and determined by hot stage polarising microscope are proportional to number of carbon atoms in n-alkyl chain of left n-alkoxy terminal end group. Odd-even effect is observed for smectic-nematic and nematic-isotropic transition curves showing phase behavior of a series. Smectic and nematic thermal stabilities are 140.5oC and 164.8oC respectively. Analytical data support the structures of the homologue molecules. A texture of nematic mesophase is threaded or schlieren type and that of a smectic phase is of smectic-A type. Liquid crystal properties of a series are compared with an another structurally similar isomeric homologous series. Mesophase lengths vary from 200C to 550C with middle ordered melting type.


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