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Synthesis, Characterisation of some 2-azetidinone derivatives from 2-aminopyridine and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity

Author(s): Bijo Mathew, Githa Elizebeth Mathew, Nirmal Mathew, M. Vijayabaskaran

In our present study 2-aminopyridine is condensed with different substituted aromatic aldehydes to form respective Schiff base. It was cyclised with chloro acetyl chloride to yield corresponding azetidinones. Structures of synthesised compounds were confirmed by physical and spectral analysis. The compounds are evaluated for their antimicrobial activities. The activities are due to cyclic CO-NH group in azetidinones. Some of the compounds have shown comparable antimicrobial activities .Out of these synthesized compounds, 3c, 3e, and 3f showed significant activity against all the microbial strains.