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Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial activity of Some Novel Semicarbazone Derivatives

Author(s): Sumitra Nain, Tripti Singh, Garima Mathur, Sarvesh Paliwal

Semicarbazones have antibacterial activity and the novel semicarbazone derivatives as potent antibacterial are synthesized 3(a-e) . The facile synthesis of semicarbazone 3(a-e) from msubstituted aniline has been described . A number of substituted semicarbazones has been synthesized by starting with m-substituted aniline which on reaction with sodium cyanate yielded aryl urea(1) followed by reaction of hydrazine hydrate with the presence of sodium cyanate yielded aryl semicarbazide(2)(Scheme 1).We report herein the synthesis of some novel semicarbazone 3(a-e) along with their antibacterial activity The compounds 3a and 3e showed excellent activity which is equal to standard Amoxicillin against E.Coli bacteria as well as 3e showed excellent activity against B. subtilis bacteria.