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Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of some new styryl bipyridinyl substituted coumarins

Author(s): Nilesh J. Patel, Kaushik N. Kundaliya, Dharati S. Patel and Dinker I. Brahmbhatt

The synthesis of various 3-[4-styryl-(2,2'-bipyridin)-6-yl]coumarins (7a-f); 3-[4-styryl-(2,3'-bipyridin)-6-yl] coumarins (8a-f) and 3-[4-styryl-(2,4'-bipyridin)-6-yl]coumarins (9a-f) have been carried out by the reaction of appropriate 3-(5-arylpenta-2,4-dienoyl)coumarins (3a-f) with 2-pyridoyl methyl pyridinium iodide salt (4), 3- pyridoyl methyl pyridinium iodide salt (5) and 4-pyridoyl methyl pyridinium iodide salt (6) respectively in the presence of ammonium acetate in refluxing acetic acid. The synthesized compounds were fully characterized by IR, 1H-NMR, 13C-APT and Mass spectral data. The synthesized compounds were screened for in vitro antimicrobial activity using Broth micro dilution method.


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