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Synthesis, characterization and mesomorphic properties of azoester mesogens: 4-n-alkoxy benzoic acid 4-[3-(benzylidene-amino)- phenylazo]-phenyl ester

Author(s): M. B. Chauhan, D. K. Bhoi, M. T. Machhar, D. K. Solanki and Dhaval Solanki

A new homologous series of azomesogens, 4-n-alkoxy benzoic acid 4-[3-(benzylidene-amino)- phenylazo]-phenyl ester is synthesized. Mesomorphism commences from the very first homologues of the series and continues up to tetradecyl derivatives. Last hexadecyl derivative is non-mesomorphic. All mesomorphic homologues are enantiotropic nematic. Thus, present homologues series is purely nematogenic. The usual odd-even effect is observed in nematicisotropic transition curve. Transition curve behaves in a normal manner. The average thermal stability and mesomorphic characteristics are compared with structurally similar homologues series. Series is of middle ordered melting type without display of smectic character even in the last member of the series.