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Synthesis, characterization, Hirshfeld analysis, crystal and molecular structure studies of 2,6-difluoro phenoxy acetic acid

Author(s): Yasser Hussein Issa Mohammed, S. Naveen, Hamid Hussein Issa, H. R. Manjunath, N. K. Lokanath and Shaukath Ara Khanum

The title compound, 2,6-difluoro phenoxy acetic acid was synthesized by refluxing 2,6-difluorophenol with ethyl chloroacetate to achieve 2,6-difluoro phenoxy ethyl acetate, followed by the hydrolysis with sodium hydroxide in presence of ethanol. The product obtained was characterized by spectroscopic techniques and finally the structure was confirmed by X-ray diffraction studies. The compound crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system with the space group P21/n with unit cell parameters a = 4.2443(3) Å, b = 20.0337(14) Å, c = 9.2243(8) Å, β = 96.258(5)o and Z=4. The structure exhibits both inter and intra-molecular hydrogen bonds of the type C—H...O, O—H...O and C—H...F respectively. In the crystal, adjacent molecules form inversion-related dimers through strong O-H...O hydrogen bonds, generating R2 2(8) ring motif. Hirshfeld analysis was carried out in order to understand the packing pattern and intermolecular interactions.


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